About Ocoboco

Ocoboco is a 2D minimalist rhythm game developed in 72 hours as part of an ongoing challenge to create a small compact game each month. 

Inspired by Bennett Foddy's QWOP and Kumobius' Duet, Ocoboco is a game of pushing, bending, and swapping the order of your ocos to collect matching colored energy bits (white works with any color). Matching colors incorrectly or hitting oncoming walls will drain your oco and send you spiraling backwards. Power each oco all the way to have something special happen..  


Like QWOP, Ocoboco is a game of patience, endurance, and mastering muscle memory. The three actions used to control your oco are Swap, Push and Bend and can be used separate, or in conjunction with one another to produce different formations. 

Q / E - Bend outer pieces upward.
A / D - Push outer pieces outward.
Z / C - Bend outer pieces downward.
Spacebar - Swap the center pieces and, if connected, the outer pieces as well.

(If you're having trouble viewing the full height of the game due to screen resolution, you can you Ctrl - to scale your brower back)

Graphics/code/SFX were made custom for this game while music (by Frank Nora) was taken from https://gamesounds.xyz/.
If you enjoy the game in all its roughness and see the potential as I do, please leave a comment and let me know if you like the game a month format.

Happy Gaming!  - Kees Luyendijk


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